An Alarm System Can Warn You When Danger Is Near

We've installed alarm systems at properties all over Sioux Falls, SD

Security cameras are a great way to deter criminals. But if a burglar still tries to break in, you'll want to ensure your family gets out safely. That's why Intellipro Security offers alarm systems that can detect intruders and alert you immediately. Let us handle the security system installation to ensure all your security measures work correctly.

Is there only one type of alarm system?

Is there only one type of alarm system?

Getting intruder alerts is vital to keeping your family safe. However, there are other dangers you have to worry about. That's why we offer two types of alarm systems in Sioux Falls, SD - a single-purpose alarm and a combination alarm. A single-purpose alarm will alert you to a burglary, while a combination alarm will warn you of a burglary or fire.

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